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Album Name: Casa in Guatemala Return to Albums
Album Date: Jun 1, 2008
Description: Club members support the effort to build a house for a poor family in San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Guatemala
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
When Mom first saw the proposed lot she wept because her children would have a safe place to play for the first time. Everyone was needed to carry the cinder blocks in from the street including Mom and the kids. Denis, 11, is happy to carry the blocks.  He is very excited about having his own room and bunk beds. Jackie, 12, does her share as well. Club member, Jenn Holden, does her share schlepping cinder blocks.
For the first time each child will have their own room and bed.  For their first time the family will have a shower, their own toilet and a stove. The block and rebar house is being built by Constru Casa (www.contrucasa.org) a Dutch organization that builds houses for the poor. Club members enjoy a Estela and her father are thrilled with the progress on the house.
Club member, Dave Hyman, owner of Encore Performance Catering, is feeling the heat of cooking for 50 with only a barbecue.  Dave getting some help from Rotary husband, John Holden, and Astrid, 8, and club member, Jenn Holden, enjoy Dave's cooking. Maria, Katie and Sonia live next door where they live in a cane house, sleep on the ground, use a latrine and have no electricity.  A club member bought water filters for the indigenous neighbors.  Estela shows them how to have clean drinking water without boiling it over a fire.
Short-handed Dave had to serve as well as cook.  The neighbors and the workers and their families enjoyed his cooking. No party is complete in Guatemala without a pinata.  Sonia, 4, has a go at it. Club President is one of 11 people in Alexander's taxi returning to Antigua from the party.