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Newsletter - Archive Jun 17, 2011
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P.O. Box 620700

Woodside CA 94062-0700  


William   Koefoed

District Governor 

Building Communities

 Bridging Continents 



Barbara Schmidt

Club President

Dean Babcock, Editor




Regular Meeting                                                                               June 22, 2011

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM Wednesday with breakfast by Encore Performance Catering, fellowship, project updates and an interesting speaker from the community, when available.  Guild Hall, Woodside Village Church, 3154 Woodside Road, Woodside, California. Inviting friend out to breakfast is an old American custom which sometimes has very pleasant consequences.  Sometimes the friend joins the Rotary Club!

Last Week's Program;

            Pres. Barbara Schmidt introduced her guest, Sue Brock, a resident of Woodside and a member of WVC. Donna Baranski-Walker introduced her guest, Maurice Jacobsen, who works with her on programs in the Holy Land.

            International Chair, Ken Broome, asked for time to complete the presentation of the Int’l. Service. He then asked Sue Bennett to report on Bali, Joan Fuetsch to report on Guatemala, and Donna Baranski-Walker to report on the Holy Land.

            Sue said that we are still funding 5 students, tuition is $290 a year per student.  We have supplied the students with maps, supplies and software for the computers.

            Joan reports that the schools have a new website. It supports 64 libraries and costs $100,000 a year. Some of the support has stopped. She is seeking funding from another Rotary Club. The libraries are very popular, in order to keep them from becoming jammed with people they have to lock the doors when a load of people is inside.

            Donna called on Maurice to comment on the situation in Gaza and the West bank.  Our club and the R.C. of Ramallah have been working on the birthing center  now for 3 years. The recent statement by Pres. Obama suggesting a renew of negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians base on the borders as of 1949 has caused quite a stir. There are now about 600,000 people from Gaza that are in refugee camps. There were questions and discussions on the future of the projects.


This Week's Program:

Joan Fuetsch will show photos of her recent visits to Riecken Libraries in both Guatemala and Honduras and also provide gossip updates on the goings on on Bougainvillea Lane in Antigua.


This Week's Program:

Outgoing (but maybe not for long) President will lead the ongoing tales of how members met their spouses.


Coming Events:


Taste of Woodside: Sunday, August 21, 2011, 5 - 9p.m.


HELP!  Please forward club news to your editor at the address above.


Dean,                                                 -30-