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Newsletter - Archive Feb 18, 2004
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Rotary Club of Woodside / Portola Valley


P.O. Box 620700, Woodside, CA 94062-0700


Eric Shapira                              Donna Baranski-Walker

District Governor                       Club President

The Searsville Scene



Pres. Allen Cary will introduce Dave Hyman, better known as Pres. of The Sunrisers and caterer non plus ultra, will share with us his story of how the U.S. Navy made a SEAL out of him (in his younger days, that is.)


LAST WEEK: Working with dreams

Dr. Jean Schellenberg is a licensed Psychologist practicing in Portola Valley.  She has been working with dreams in her practice for the last 8 years. Last year she offered five free seminars to the community on working with dreams, establishing a "safe place" and exploring symbols through sand play.  Last week she shared with us some of the content of the dreams seminar.  She gave us some homework to study: a dream story and some suggestions and sample questions designed to help us go more deeply into dreams. 


The dream story was one told by one of her patients some years ago.  The patient graciously allowed Jean to use it in her seminars.  The story has been useful in introducing the subject of working with dreams to persons that have not dealt with dreams before.


Jean brought along her friend, Eleanor Angel, to participate by reading the dream.  After reading aloud through the dream for familiarization, Eleanor read it scene by scene and we discussed and asked questions about various aspects of the events and characters in the dream.  It was a good thinking exercise and many good questions and comments came forth.



President Allen Cary called on Dean Babcock to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to deliver the invocation. Visiting Rotarian was Jean Cary from the RC of Belmont. Guest of Jean Schellenburg was Eleanor Angel.  Ken Hayes spoke of the good work being done by the Girls Club of the Midpeninsula and we discussed providing some financial support for the them. 


Allen Cary reported that the RC of Belmont is sponsoring "Walking for Ben." He provided flyers with details on the event.  Barbara Schmidt reported that RC of Belmont has funds to match Rotarians contributions towards their Paul Harris award. We are close to being a 100% Paul Harris sustaining club, only need two more. 


Dave Hyman announced the St. Patrick's Day Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner and Silent Auction sponsored by the Menlo Park clubs. 


At that point a Barbershop Quartet appeared to deliver singing Valentines to the ladies along with roses.  The quartet consisted of Steve - lead, Chuck - bass, Dave – baritone and Mark – tenor.  They are members of the Palo Alto – Mt. View Chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America.


Happy's were collected from Dave Hyman who was happy he was able to participate as a Science Fair judge at Woodside Elementary School since he flunked 7th grade science as a kid.   He's a lot smarter and wiser now.  Art Barker was happy to celebrate a birthday of his oldest granddaughter.  Sam Sauerbry was happy about the BBS quartet Valentines.  Donna Baranski-Walker was happy that she was going to meet a Methodist minister who has shown the Rebuilding Homes film to 158 churches.  Bob Buelteman was happy about birthdays.  Mary Jane had mixed feelings; they had a contract on sale of their house – sob! She applied to get her job back at American – Yeah! Allen Cary paid a fine because he didn't show for the Science Fair.  Jean Carey pulled Barbara Schmidt's number for the raffle.  The marble was white, thanks Barbara.



Ken Broome, Joan Fuetsch  and Renée Singh



25 February   -- Bill Davis of DK Consulting gives an overview of his company's projects including past projects in Latin America and a current project setting up a Palestinian justice system.

17 March   – Samantha Dowdall Ph. D. will discuss with us the ever-growing need for safe, affordable housing and social support for the seniors in our community.

21 April– Chris Buja of Portola Valley will discuss his involvement in Summit High School. This is a new charter high school serving Woodside and Portola Valley .

1 May – Seventh annual Pancake Breakfast with Woodside parade and run for charity.

12 September – Pooch Pageant at Portola Valley Town Center .